Where do outstanding innovations arise? Innovations come from creating environments where the ideas can be connected. Located at the heart of Europe’s fastest-growing area – the Baltic Sea region, Latvia is an excellent place to turn your ideas into solutions that further can excel globally and resonate individually.

Latvia – one of the best places to be for the discussion of Intellectual Property (IP). Why? Well, Latvia has been recognized as one of the fastest growing innovators in the EU and there is a reason for that. According to the results of the Global Innovation Index 2019, Latvia ranks 34th among 129 countries. It’s the land of innovations and new business ventures. With a fast learning society, that has inherited the cautiousness, a high-level creative craftsmanship and persistence in their beliefs from our ancestors, we can say that this is one of the best places where to plant a seed for your realized idea.

With this IP conference, we are providing you with a chance to learn about the right ways on how to nurture and protect your mind’s creations, taking into account the new challenges that the future will bring. Listen to the IP field specialists sharing their opinions about intellectual property importance in economic growth and the future of it and take the opportunity to ask your questions virtually and exchange views with the brightest minds in the IP field.

This is your personal invitation to an innovative and intellectual adventure of Latvia. Just like any other nation, we have our unforgettable experiences, big and small victories that keep inspiring us. Let us inspire you to find the perfect place for your creative ambition.

The event is organized in cooperation with EPO, EUIPO and WIPO.