Kaķene Medību Spēcīgs Nerūsējošā Tērauda + Sveķu Kaķene Āra Portatīvo Šaušana ar Gumijas Joslu, Jaunas

€13.48 €19.25

Kaķene Medību Kaķene Nerūsējošā tērauda +Sveķi

Parametri: Nosaukums: Left bank kaķene Vadītājs Materiāls: 304 nerūsējošā tērauda+sveķu Augstums: 132mm Priekšgala durvīm platums:96 mm Loku iekšā platums:37mm Galvas platums:20mm Svars:235g

Produktu saraksts: 1*Kaķene, 1*gumiju

  • tekstūras materiāla: Nerūsējošā Tērauda Sveķi
  • Izmantošana: Medības
  • Zīmola Nosaukums: Piaoyu
  • Modeļa Numurs: 0056456

Tagi: vienkārši kaķene medības, katapulta, diy katapulta, medības katapulta, kaķene šauteni, pistoli, tanks tīģeris, zivju katapulta, joslu zvejas katapulta, mazie kaķeni katapulta, profesionālās katapulta.

Quality in ordung, shipping takes hold long, but comes in de.
Great heavy slingshot.. Came with 2 spare fibreoptic replacement sights and also a set of bands which was nice !! Pros.. Heavy and well built Came with spare optics and a band Looks awesome I like the simple adjustable sight Cons.. Dont like the spikes that sit around your hand.. they feel wierd, Not a dealbreaker but I would personally prefer them to be more rounded and less sharp. One of the screws that holds the forks to the frame was glued in at an angle and is difficult to remove. It will come out but I seem to have stripped some of the brass thread that's in the frame. The forks are very close together which is scary, I might saw off 10mm of each inside fork for more peace of mind. All in all though for the price, im quite pleased with it..
good seller

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