"Eiropa 2020" Tautas Pavasara un Rudens Sieviešu Sandales Sieviešu Norādīja Zema Papēža Kurpes V Burtu Muti Vienas Kurpes

€21.95 €42.22

Papēža Augstums: 1,5 cm

  • Zīmola Nosaukums: meifeini
  • Godu: Office & Karjera
  • Modes Elements: Sekla
  • Modelis Tips: Cietie
  • Zolīte Materiāls: Microfiber
  • Zole Materiāls: Gumijas
  • Atpakaļ Skaitītājs Tips: Atpakaļ Siksna
  • Fit: Der patieso lielumu, ņem savu normālo izmēru
  • Papēža Tips: Dzīvoklis ar
  • Sandales Tips: Gladiatoru
  • Virsas Materiāls: Lakāda
  • Oderes Materiāls: Sintētisko
  • Stils: Modes
  • Sānu Priekša Tips: Atvērt
  • Papēža Augstums: Zems (1cm-3cm)
  • Ar Platformu: No
  • Slēgšanas Tips: Gumiju

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all is good
Mee Yang
The seller indicated that you need to take your usual size. But it turned out that the sandals do not correspond to the size, 1-2 sizes are smaller than needed. They didn't. You need to specify in the description of the goods, which are small, not misleading. I would take 42 times., especially it was available for order. And also I think that the quality does not correspond to the price. From the skin is a very strong chemical smell. At delivery, the sandals were very crumpled, because. Packed not in a box, but in an air film.
Steven Schuman
Thank you to the seller for a convenient and high-quality product, I recommend everyone, I will buy another color.

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